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In a nutshell

Retirement Planning Services (RPS) is a one-stop fully licensed, private and independent discretionary financial services provider. We offer a comprehensive range of financial solutions to our clients. These include investment planning, financial planning and medical insurance. We also offer estate planning as well as wills, trusts and legal services in conjunction with carefully chosen accountants and attorneys.

In the driving seat
Braam van der Mescht, managing director of Retirement Planning Services, started the business in 1979. His earlier career in the financial services industry served him well and suitably equipped him to make a success of his current business as a financial services provider. Add to this his insight, thoroughness and a wealth of related more recent experience, then it’s easy to understand why Braam is so good at what he’s doing today.

Braam joined Sanlam as a financial advisor in 1970. There he gained specialised training and experience in, amongst others, financial analysis, financial planning, estate planning and the planning of wills and other legal contracts. He acquired the skills to help clients with personal financial planning over a wide spectrum of services and through his meticulous approach, managed to establish a loyal clientele base. He became a financial broker in 1976 and later director of a financial planning services company in the Sage and Nedcor groups.

Since its inception in 1979 and under Braam’s watchful guidance, the RPS team developed the business to grow into a successful and recognised financial advisory services provider in the Western Cape. Part of this team is Braam’s daughter – Ancia van der Mescht – who more recently joined the business as a partner and director. With a BEcon (US) degree and with her own related experience that she brings, Ancia is responsible for the insurance services side of this family business while, at the same time, overseeing its operational efficiency.

Braam was selected and invited to attend the 2005 Annual General Meeting of Berkshire Hathaway Inc in Omaha in the USA. Here he met with Warren Buffett, investor guru of the company and at some stage the second richest man in the world. The experience that Braam has gained during this expedition still motivates him to invest like Buffett and according to his rules, but without trying to be Buffett:

  • Rule number One: Don’t lose any money.
  • Rule number Two: Don’t forget rule number one.

One of Braam’s most important characteristics is that he will only invest his clients’ money where he invests money of his own – like Warren Buffett does in his Berkshire Hathaway Company. He also only invests with fund managers whom he knows personally and with whom he stays in touch on an ongoing basis. His wall of fame in his office carries the photographs of these investment managers whom he regards as his associates and business partners.

Braam jealously guards RPS’s independence from financial product providers. At the same time he maintains firm alliances with asset managers, attorneys, accountants and insurance and healthcare service providers to offer a wide variety of comprehensive services to his clients.

RPS is and will remain an independent services provider. This gives the business even more credibility and makes it a preferred choice for clients ranging from the discerning investor right down to the rather inexperienced individual who is looking for peace of mind when it comes to investing for the future and creating wealth.

At RPS we pride ourselves in our professionalism and dedication to serve our clients. Our success rests on creating your wealth.

More information
As a private, independent multi-manager services company, RPS currently manages in excess of R500 million in discretionary as well as compulsory portfolios on behalf of our clients. These include professional and semi-professional individuals as well as business owners. We do not measure our success in terms of assets under our management, but in terms of returns generated for our clients. Our clients also find it reassuring to know that our own business as well as our personal investments are managed in the same way.

We do not manage the money ourselves, we instead manage the underlying fund managers. This allows us to focus on what is important – generating above average returns for our clients over a longer period of time and at reduced risk levels.

We manage the following on behalf of our clients:

  • Managed unit trust portfolios
  • Money market investments
  • Living life annuities
  • Retirement annuities
  • Individual preservation funds (pension and provident funds)
  • Capital investments
  • Direct offshore investments

Funds are invested in clients’ names at financial institutions, insurance companies, banks or stockbrokers. These institutions merely play an administrative and safekeeping roll. All investment decisions and investment strategies rest with RPS. In our asset management process we aim to contain cost and tax in an effective manner and to have an optimal balance between risk and return.

We are licensed by the Financial Services Board (FSB) as a Discretionary Financial Services Provider. Licence number: 3355.

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Retirement Planning Services (RPS) is a one-stop fully licensed, private and independent discretionary financial services provider. We offer a comprehensive range of financial solutions to our clients. Read More



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