Core Strengths

Our core strengths:

  • We are an independent, registered financial services provider. This gives us credibility and the freedom to select from only the best in the financial market.
  • Our success is based on one straightforward approach – Only offer a service that is based on proven principles and strategies.
  • We believe in the way that we do things. We know that it works… and that it works exceptionally well for our clients.
  • We are proactive with our finger constantly on the pulse of the financial industry.
  • We do not apply pressure. We only offer solid financial guidance. You decide what will work best for you.
  • Our all-inclusive service means that we can take care of your total wealth creation requirements.
  • We understand investors and their aspirations – from the discerning investor right through to the rather inexperienced newcomer to the investment arena.
  • Instead of managing money, we select the best funds and manage the fund managers where your money is invested. This gives us leverage and the focus which is important to generate above average returns at reduced risk levels.
  • We invest your money in your name. It is therefore safe as only you control the actions related to it.
  • We cherish the fact that our family-run business adheres to the time-honoured ethics of honesty, integrity and reliability.

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The Only Road to Real Financial Freedom
"You can slice it any way you like. But nothing creates freedom like wealth. And nothing throughout history has made more people free than unrestricted wealth creation. If you want to make the world good, make it easier for good and independently minded people to grow their wealth." - The Daily Reckoning


Retirement Planning Services (RPS) is a one-stop fully licensed, private and independent discretionary financial services provider. We offer a comprehensive range of financial solutions to our clients. Read More



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