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RPS is authorised and licensed by the Financial Services Board (FSB) as a Discretionary Financial Services Provider (FSP2) CATII. We are independent and make use of investment and risk products of various South African as well as carefully selected offshore financial services companies. We do not sell any products and do not invest in insurance companies or insurance products. None of our investments have a fixed term and are therefore available at any given time. We first test or sample our investment philosophy with our own investments and for a considerable period of time. Only when we’re satisfied with the outcome will we invest our clients’ money in the same way.

Products and Services
As a fully independent financial advisor and with our carefully designed and crafted services, we are able to offer the best possible strategies for our clients to achieve their long-term financial goals. Once these strategies are in place, we select the most suitable products form the financial services environment for each client’s risk profile.

Financial Review and Analysis
From the outset, we do a complete analysis of an individual’s investments in his or her existing investment and retirement planning portfolios. This includes:

Life assurance

  • Endowment assurance
  • Deferred compensation
  • Retirement annuities
  • Pension funds
  • Provident funds
  • Investment assurance
  • Preservation funds (pension or provident)

Holistic Planning:
Once we’ve completed the above process, the data allows us to draw up holistic strategies for the successful attainment of the individual’s goals. These strategies would include the careful and comprehensive design of the following:

  • Financial retirement planning
  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning (together with accountants and attorneys)
  • Wills, trusts and legal services (together with accountants and attorneys)

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Financial Services

  • ✓ Financial Review and Analysis
  • ✓ Holistic Planning
  • ✓ Group Pension and Provident Funds


Retirement Planning Services (RPS) is a one-stop fully licensed, private and independent discretionary financial services provider. We offer a comprehensive range of financial solutions to our clients. Read More



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